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Sirens blare in the distance
Sirens blare in the distance.
There is a forest fire some miles from here.
I am seated outside, it is night
and the smell of smoke fills
my head, overwhelming a 3 day cold.
A radio tower winks at me in the distance
and it occurs to me that people's homes
may be burning and animals may be running...
but that doesn't bother me nearly
as much as the smoke obscuring the stars.
I think my priorities are skewed,
but damnit.
I was looking forward to those stars.
:iconbroken-poet:Broken-Poet 3 13
A Poem for Poets
They told me
eye for an eye,
tooth for a tooth.
But rarely does
a rose get a rose,
or a lover receive love.
Or a poet, a poem.
a dove, a dove?
:iconbroken-poet:Broken-Poet 16 5
Some Sort of Frankenstein
Rain rain go away,
It sat upon all the mountain tops,
it’s thunder shook through the valley bellow
and stirred was the dead man’s glass eye,
but with life?
come again another day.
:iconbroken-poet:Broken-Poet 1 1
old man River
old man River didn’t like the idea of dying,
not one the tiniest bit.
and he tried and tried with all he had,
to find some escape, some freedom.
But fear’s too strong when it comes to that.
We all call death. It can make grown men cry,
and mothers throw their kids the quicker route to hell
so this old man River decided he’d rather die on his
own terms, so he ate his apple a day. Fresh, picked.
They say an old red apple fell on old man River’s head.
Killed him dead, they said.
An old wives tale that no old wives tell.
:iconbroken-poet:Broken-Poet 4 3
Learning to Fly
Grab your kite and run boy,
‘cross the sandy beaches,
and deepest meadows.
Take each breath deep and
recall how the clouds were shaped—
crocodile tears, hearts, and grinning girls.
Close your eyes till (Trust me,
you’ll know cause the tension)
It meets that big blue sky
And remember why you were running.
Turn around. Tie it round your wrist
And fly to the smiling sunset.
:iconbroken-poet:Broken-Poet 2 0
You hummed a song, I doubt, just for me,
an old tree breathed the petals in our hair.
How surprised you must have been,
drawing in that blind man’s stare.
He fingered the grooves of the metal bench
and grinned from ear to ear.
His teeth were of pearls and white,
and he sucked in all the air.
Your eyes were wide,
your breath was stalled,
and the petals fell from your hair.
And then, out loud, he laughed the world,
feeding all the birds and children too.
And I hoped that it would last awhile
but he went to smell the daffodils.
:iconbroken-poet:Broken-Poet 2 7
pages flip on by
pages flip on by,
but there are no new poems to read
and all though each twinkles
like fireflies in a web,
I’m too tired.
because how do you capture
a man? With words and rhymes
and cleverness?
It’ll all do the trick,
but he’ll always want more.
He’ll always need more.
so I'll inhale it all
from my roots and fingertips.
I’m not sure if that's gluttony or lust,
but it’s fine either way.
:iconbroken-poet:Broken-Poet 3 0
I fell out of the sky in the August of ‘91
from a wispy cloud of nothing
and I have been, always will be,
blind and falling to my death;
I can twist and turn
and spin and dip
and get big
and grow small,
among other sorts of neat things
It’s all quite fun,
even if I’m aware
of the wind that grasps my hand,
firmly, a handshake from lost gods,
and the earth which draws closer
and still, I wonder
is either curious if I’ll go splat?
:iconbroken-poet:Broken-Poet 4 1
Dead glass stained his body
Dead glass stained his body
and he was all the way frozen
in time like a princessless frog.
They marked his grave with an address
and the mailman and milk man
both said hello with smiles.
Ashes were just ashes and
I think he would have cried
if it would have been any use
but his hand was clenched
with lustful, impotent rage
and its fingers were cut to shreds.
:iconbroken-poet:Broken-Poet 5 10
Pop-up Book
Suppose, I said,
That we’re all just in a pop-up book
little pieces of cardboard,
pretending to stand up all by ourselves.
A cheap story for some god-child
who flips through and never reads
the words. Words that build
our flimsy plot-point lives.
And the worst is that
we never realize there’s nothing else
but our tiny pop-up world
and we gladly fold down
into nonexistence with every
turn of the page.
Then she smiled.
And said
but all pop-up books have
happy endings.
:iconbroken-poet:Broken-Poet 25 9
Larry's Quest
Larry heard his teeth clink against the metal, and this was the first sign that what he was doing was wrong. The sound of teeth and metal scraping together is inherently evil he believed. It’s almost like fingernails on a chalkboard, except more intimate. These are your teeth’s private space after all, and metal’s intruding upon that.
Sure, someone could smack a pair of dentures up against a metal cooking pan and produce a similar sound, but it wouldn’t echo in your head in that certain way. A way which lingered and gave you goosebumps along your arms, as if your soul was trying to escape out, away from the horrible resonance.
But that wasn’t the part Larry hated most when metal met mouth. The worst was the taste. The sharp, alien taste that seemed was overwhelming, though oddly let a tiny tinge of everything else through so that you’d miss it. You’d miss the taste of onions for crying out loud.
The smell was just the same. It was a lot like a knife r
:iconbroken-poet:Broken-Poet 2 0
Art, kinda
I don’t know who told you what art was
but an old homeless man taught me all about it.
He walked on a cane and had three dogs named
Please, Havoc, and Dandelion.
In the middle of the night,
he would howl like he was alive
and those little dogs
would just sing right along.
They didn’t sound much like anything great
but they sure made music alright,
cause it was just so damn real
and we were grinning.
Music is art, kinda.
Like this poem is art, kinda.
and that’s all I’ll ever need to know.
:iconbroken-poet:Broken-Poet 5 2
He's not laughing
And I’m all alone at the bottom of the world,
singing to tree roots about the things I’d never seen.
It ain’t so tragic though, cause I still got what I had.
When we hit the iceberg, the Captain took the first lifeboat,
but I’m not blaming him. He beat me to it.
It’s just too damn funny for words
:iconbroken-poet:Broken-Poet 1 4
Never Real
Salt’s stuck to my feet,
Casanova’s dead,
The Titanic sank,
And Rome burned down a week ago.
But cause I don’t know love from a bad joke,
I write poetry for girls who were always
never real.
:iconbroken-poet:Broken-Poet 2 0
What's a man?
I cry at night when I’m all alone
and ask myself some really
hard fucking questions.
“What am I suppose to do?”
“Am I?” Meaningless
what really gets me then
are Those Questions I can’t answer
and never will be able to…
“what’s a man?”
Be he Wide,
Or be he Thin?
Be he Capital Or Lowercase?
so please, Lady, just tell me—
just tell me and let me get
some god damn sleep.
what’s a man?
:iconbroken-poet:Broken-Poet 2 2
Being awake is a tiring thing
A gun to my head and five dollars on the nightstand,
I grab the cash and go to McDonald’s.
Fast food is the second most respectable form of suicide.
:iconbroken-poet:Broken-Poet 2 1



United States
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I use a receipt for a bookmark usually, but not just any old receipt. A receipt I got for a Vonnegut book must be used only in Vonnegut books. O'brein's receipts can only be used in his books. I definitely won't put Steinbeck in Bradbury. Imagine the madness of it all. Hemingway would be littered through out Joyce and Faulkner would smother Chaucer. And who would look out for poor little Nora Roberts? Oh yea, middle-aged housewives.
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